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We are all very lucky to live in this beautiful place, and to enjoy the community and friendship that we find here.

Along with the pub, the nursery school and cricket club, the church is a large part of the engine that makes the village

work. Whether or not you take part in the weekly activiites of Holy Trinity everyone is always welcome even as an

occasional visitor for high days and holidays or for weddings and funerals.

In such a small place the financial burden of running and maintaining the building is great when it falls on

comparatively few shoulders and we hope that you might feel able to contribute by adopting a couple of simple and

painless strategies!

- One is to buy your oil from the Drake oil syndicate. The price is competitive and the economies of bulk of ordering

are passed on to the church. Contact xxxx for more details

- Another is to use our new homepage as your default web search engine. passes on a small sum to

the church for every search you make. We are in the process of setting this up but will contact you all about it shortly.

- And do consider joining the Friends of Markbeech


Holy Trinity, Markbeech

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Markbeech giving

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