the benefice of Hever, Four Elms and Markbeech

We need your help

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There are two projects recommended by the Aylesford conference on which we need your input before we proceed.

A midweek group.

We feel there is a need for another midweek group in the benefice. Would you be interested in:

A Bible Study Group

A sermon discussion group

A group based on a book

A group to discuss topical issues

Another prayer group

A morning group

A lunchtime group

An afternoon group

An evening group

Frequently Asked Questions.

We would like to include a FAQ on our website dealing with a range of questions like “Is Genesis true?” “What is a

benefice?” and “Why do people fight about religion?”

Please let us have your suggestion for questions we might tackle.

Your name and contact details (optional!)

Please print this page and return  to church or to The Rectory, or copy and paste the text into an email .